Birds at Solana

Summer Tanager

Nutting's Flycatcher

Lineated Woodpecker

Social Flycatcher

West Mexican Chachalaca

Yellow-winged Cacique

Rose throated Becard

Doubleday's Hummingbird

Colima Pygmy Owl

Citreoline Trogon

Pale-billed and Golden cheeked Woodpeckers

Cinnamon Hummingbird

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher

Yellow-breasted Chat

White-fronted Parrot

Tropical Kingbird

Orange-breasted bunting

Rufous-naped Wren

Northern Cardinal

Nutting's Flycatcher with moth

Ash-throated Flycatcher

Bell's Vireo

Turkey Vulture

Tropical Parula

Magnificent Frigatebird

Inca Dove

Thick-billed Kingbird

Great Kiskadee

Groove-billed Ani

Streak-backed Oriole

Black Vulture

Flammulated Flycatcher

Brown-crested Flycatcher

Scrub Euphonia

Rufous-backed Robin


Northern Rough-winged Swallow

Blue Grosbeak, birds of Guerrero

Golden-cheeked Woodpecker

Black-vented Oriole

White-tipped Dove

White-throated Magpie-Jay

Zone-tailed Hawk

These are some of the exquisite birds that can be found at Solana boutique B&B, a small hotel on the Pacific coast of Mexico. The Cinnamon Hummingbird, Gray gnatcatcher, White fronted parrot, Colima pygmy owl and several more visit us. Photo credit to our guest. Kerry Pfaltzgraff.

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